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Upcoming Events

25th Annual Family Reunion
& Oktoberfest
Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Two Steps Downtown Grille, Ives St., Danbury, CT

Luncheon Buffet – from 1400 to 1700

Cost is $26.00 per person

Contact Alan Vale for more information at (203) 778-2993


APRIL 22 – MAY 6, 2018

TransAtlantic Cruise on
The Royal Navigator of the Seas
from Miami to Southampton, England

Come join us as we prepare once again for a fabulous reunion cruise! Watch for more information in the Clipper Pioneers newsletter.

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Pan Am Reunion
scheduled for Foynes & Limerick, Ireland

May 2018
(to coincide with arrival
in Southampton, England
of the Annual Reunion Cruise above)

More information in the Clipper Pioneers newsletter


The Pan Am Historical Foundation raises funds on an on-going basis as it pursues its goal of establishing The Pan Am Historical Museum. On the registration form we are asking folks to indicate if they plan to bring Pan Am memorabilia for a fund raising auction / raffle. Please be selective with your memorabilia donations. This is not a “garage sale’ type of activity. In other words we are not looking for folks to bring those boxes stored in the attic or basement. Be selective and bring just a couple of small items that will be of interest for auctioning or a raffle prize. Items not sold will be returned to the donor.

Stay tuned for future updates. Regards, Al Topping


Clipper Pioneers Miami luncheon reminder:
The monthly Clipper Pioneers luncheon with former Pan Am cockpit crew members is held at noon LAST Thursday of each month at the Mystic/Spirit Restaurant, 7250 NW 11 Street, Miami. (Near the SW corner of Miami Intl Airport)

Exception: November and December luncheon will be on the THIRD Thursday, due to holidays.
No reservations necessary however try to show up a little early to chat and get a seat.

Submitted by Harvey Benefield


Every 3rd Thursday, there is a lunch at Two Steps Downtown Grille in Danbury, CT. We meet at the bar for enrichment at 1200. The cost is $12 and that includes a mug of soup, usually black bean, and a burger, sandwich, wrap or salad. Soft drinks or coffee are included. Pay for your beer.

These meetings started about 15 years ago, and are held every month except April when we hold the Clipper Pioneer lunch in Port Jefferson, NY.
~Alan Vale



We meet the second Tuesday of every quarter at the Continental Inn in Yardley, PA at 1200 for a bit of BS before going to our private conference room upstairs for lunch.

Been going on since 1992 and it’s a great way to stay together. Contact: Chris Blaydon 215 757 6229 or cblayd@aol.com


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Maiden of the
Maiden Flight

Information from this website about the Hindenburg.

Interesting photographs and biography of a woman who had a lot of firsts in aviation. Something I do not recall seeing before.. Great old pictures… Stu

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Have you ever heard of this?

Sounders Roe SARO SR.45 “Princess”
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PanAm Clipper
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it will take you
back in time!!

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