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Check out the Foynes Flying Boat Museum, in Foynes, Ireland.  A great museum featuring their fantastic new exhibit – a full scale replica of the Boeing B314 “Yankee Clipper”.  This replica was created for the museum from detailed plans by a team specialising in movie sets, and the reviews they have received of the aircraft are fantastic.

Check out the Naval Air Museum, Pensacola, FLA

Joseph O. Hazelwood

Joseph O. Hazelwood “J.O.”died peacefully in Pleasant Hill Ca. on 13 April 2016. He was born in Silverwood Indiana in 1921. He was an undergraduate at Purdue University at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the onset of WWII. Shortly thereafter he applied for and was accepted in the US Navy’s Officer’s Candidate program and Pilot’s training program.

Upon graduation he was offered and accepted a commission in the United States Marine Corps and served on active duty with the Marines until the conclusion of World War II, primarily in the South Pacific Theater of Operations, flying both torpedo/bomber/fighter and fighter aircraft. At the conclusion of the War he joined Pan American in Miami, and subsequently transferred to the New York Base in 1954. During his nearly 40 Year Career at Pan American he rose to the rank of Captain (Both 707 and 747), flying in the LAD, IGS, European, African and RTW services.  He was a long time resident of Huntington NY and Simsbury CT, and in recent years a part time resident of Pleasant Hill CA.

J.O. was predeceased by his beloved wife (Margaret) of 55 Years and one son, Matthew. He is survived by a Daughter and two sons, 7 Grandchildren, and 3 Great Grandchildren. As per his wishes he will be buried after a short private service in Hawkinsville GA.

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Interesting photographs and biography of a woman who had a lot of firsts in aviation. Something I do not recall seeing before.. Great old pictures… Stu

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